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في حال وجود أي مواضيع أو ردود مُخالفة من قبل الأعضاء، يُرجى الإبلاغ عنها فورًا باستخدام أيقونة تقرير عن مشاركة سيئة ( تقرير عن مشاركة سيئة )، و الموجودة أسفل كل مشاركة .

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hi plz i need a help

conservation fact sheet p 72 plz


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a- Soil:
* The use of modern irrigation technology is encouraged in order to preserve water resources throughout Algeria.
*-Southern sand dune is fixed (Biskra-Hassi Massoud...)
* 500 km of farmland is retabilitated in the north.
*The farmers are educated about the right way to use the pesticides and fertilizers in the agricultural field bye the Algerian government.

b- Water:
*Construction of dams to recharge groundwater, and water monitoring systems and rain in the north (algers,Telemcen,Oran...) olso in the south for e.g.;Ghardaïa
*Stimulating economic and financial waste-water treatment
*-Control of fishing on a regular basis.
c-Mineral Resources:
*The using of the mineral resources will be reduced if :
-The people who mines and digs for minerals will be stopped .
- Plastics will be used in the place of minerals like aluminium..
-This mineral resources will be changed by another energy like the solar energy or bye the energy of winds...
*the General Command of the Algerian National Gendarmerie program information Introduced to the
protection of monuments and historical legacies in Algeria
· Human resources:
*Health services are improved, especially in remote areas.
* 250 hospital construction project in remote areas and deserts
*rehabilitation, medical and social support for people with disabilities, the government has increased the number of care institutions, and also provides financial support for plans to reduce the financial burden borne by the disabled and their families, the Government provides features 110 disability of thousands of Algerians , medical assistance and medical expenses annually to 119 thousand Them. The plans also support self-support loans and educational assistance and support to assistive devices and also provide them with procedures to lift their burdens such as tax breaks and discounts on charges for the use of public facilities.

* to provide the necessary meaof the hospitals.*-
*-Building schools especially in remote regions.
*-All the schools will be providing with computers.
*-Building private schools to wipe out illiteracy, especially in areas remote and deserts.
*-The education of the rural women.
*-Competent Ministry of Trade and Supply and means to take actions and measures and decisions necessary to protect the national economy from the damage caused by the dumping or subsidies or unjustified increase in imports, as defined in the scope of the agreements contained in the Final Document of the outcome of the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations that was approved by the Republic of Egypt president's decision No. 72 of 1995.
*-Stimulating economic and financial waste-water treatment
*-Protection of cultural rights in two key areas. The first is Copyright (copyrights), which includes all forms of literary and artistic Alonchae such as writing, music, film and other rights include the moral and material. The monitor and extent of the Bern Convention for the protection of the rights and a physical for 70 year from the death of the artist's rights are substantive moral never-ending..
the destruction of the fixed or alteration of or damage to or distortion of writing or engraving or change the features is prohibited, also the advertising or flinging signs in the areas of archaeological and historic buildings registeredis prohibited

Before speaking about the ideal town we must work hard to
realize the conditions of ideal town’s construction, and then we can speak about this ideal town & how it will be.
The ideal town must be clean & sanitary. For this, it must contain green spaces, water resources, special places to throw the rubbish & the conditions of wild life must be available.
For the children the ideal town must contain spaces for playing, & the other important side it must contain also schools, sportive & cultural clubs.
For security, it is important to be there police station or any authority to realize the security.
For health, it is necessary to have hospitals & pharmacies & to provide the entire medical product to protect the health of all citizens.
Finally we must speak about the side of development , this is the Most important side in the country because it is the responsible about the good level citizen’s living, so it is necessary to be there a lot of investments which are able to offer the jobs to reduce the problem of jobless, it must be there many factories in all the sectors which are able to produce all the necessary products ( food, dress….etc)….and as a final word we hope that our country will be as we dream.

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