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What do these words mean?

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افتراضي What do these words mean?

I heard these words many times along chatting with some members. I often wondered why they used these words or expressions. And I always asked why did you say that? or what does it mean?. And I tried to get the meaning from them. Here they are:

"Really" means Surprised, don't believe
"Wow" means Admiring

"Aha" means Same thought

"So, And, Then" means Eager to know the next

"Oh" means Feeling guilty

"Aww" means So ashamed

"Oops" means Something happened

"Wait" means Something to do

"Hmmm" means I agree with you

"mmmm" means Let me think about it

"Oh..ya" means Wondering

"Huh" means Shocked / Confused

"Okay" means Little bit lazy

"Well" means Accept it but not all

"I see" means Understand what you told me

I don't know whether these meanings are correct or not, but they really works for me in understanding the conversation I have. I just wonder with these word: "Kiss, Hug, I love you", what these words mean? ......LOL


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